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Genesis - OP

Genesis - Overland Park bid June 14th of this year. The owner is currently negotiating with the apparent low bidder.

This project is an addition and alternations to the former Midtown Tennis, now Genesis Health Clubs facility located at 6700 West 110th Street in Overland Park, Kansas.

Addendum One was issued Wednesday, April 23, 2018 which extends the bid date until Thursday, April 31, 2018.

There were some PDF errors in the electrical set of drawings. A second set of electrical drawings has been posted on the "Dropbox" web site. If you do not have access please check with Martin or Jenny at Hanney & Associates.

Addendum Two was issued Tuesday, April 28, 2018. This addendum extends the bid date until Thursday, June 14, 2081. The bid time and place remain the same.

Addendum Three was issued Thursday, June 7, 2018. The bid date remains June 14, 2018. The bid time and place remain unchanged.

Addendum Three replaces the Bid Form.

Drawing - Addendum_02_Sheet A1.0
Drawing - Addendum_02_Sheet A5.4
Drawing - Addendum_02_Sheet A5.6.2
Drawing - Addendum_02_Sheet 6.7
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A1.3
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A1.5
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A1.6
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A4.8
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A6.9
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A6.10
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A6.11
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A6.13
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A7.8
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A7.9
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A7.10
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet A7.11
Drawing - Addendum_03_Sheet S2.1
Document - Pre-Bid Attendance List
Document - Genesis - Photo - Sinks
Document - Genesis - Photo - Locker Room
Document - Genesis - Photo - Grooming Station
Document - Genesis - Photo - Showers
Document - Addendum_01_052318
Document - Addendum_02_Section 00150 - replaced
Document - Addendum_02_Section 01030
Document - Addendum_02_Section 04200
Document - Addendum_02_052918
Document - Addendum_03_060718
Document - Addendum_03 Bid Form
Document - Addendum_04_061318

Rock Creek - Mechanical

Unified School District 323 is bidding a heating and cooling project at Rock Creek Junior Senior High School and the Gym at Westmoreland Elementary School.

The bid date is Monday, July 16, 2018. Bids will be received at the district office in Westmoreland up to and until 2:00.

Bids will be opened and read publicly.
A Bid Bond in the amount of 5% of the bid will be required.

Work can begin immediately.

Plan Holders List - Plan Holders List