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P L A N     R O O M  
Udall 463 - Science Room

This project is to renovate and remodel one of the existing science classrooms for Udall High School.

There will be separate bids for the General Contractor and for the Science Equipment. The General Contractor will be responsible for coordination and schedule.

The General Construction Bid Package consists of the General Construction Specifications and Udall Bid Package_112717 shown below.

Science Bid Package consists of the three components listed below Science Equipment Specifications, Science Equipment Plan and Science Equipment Elevations.

This project is to be completed over the summer break of 2018.

Bid Date is Friday, December 8, 2017.
Bids will be received at the school district offices, 303 South Seymour, Udall, Kansas up to and until 2:00 P.M.

Drawing - Science Equipment Plan
Drawing - Science Equipment Elevations
Document - General Construction Specifications
Document - Science Equipment Specifications
Document - Udall Bid Package_112217
Document - Science Equipment_Addendum One
Document - Plan Holders List_120517
Document - Addendum One_ General Construction_Sheet MP1.1
Document - Addendum One_ General Construction_Sheet E1.1 Detail
Document - Addendum One_General Construction
Document - Addendum Two_General Construction
Document - Addendum Three_General Construction